The MONEYNESS Problem 

Manipulation of Numbers Erasing your Nest Egg Savings

The Moneyness problem in the Dollar Payment System is the interconnecting link between the US inflation rate and the US interest rates, that it produces in the global economy as the reserve payment currency. The link is fueled by the global inventory fluctuations in the dollar currency supply. When the US Central Bank, “the Fed” The Federal Reserve manages the US Dollar Currency supply it is depending on global demand. If the US dollar supply outpace demand it can cause an inflated dollar and its purchasing or buying power to devalue because of the following US banking and US currency policies to:

  • Increase and decrease Fed currency interest rates.
  • Expand or tighten (QE) Quantitative Easing action.
  • Expand or tighten global currency and borrowing.
  • Utilize uninsured deposits to support bank bail-in.

Currency Money is backed by the central governments

that issued it, rather than a precious metal commodity.

Currency is fiat legal tender for Credit Money payments.

 The SOUND MONEY Solution 

In the video How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio states it is simple consumer transactions consisting of goods, services and financial assets that is purchased with credit and settled with fiat currencies that creates the building blocks of the global economic machine. The links between the inflation rate and interest rates curbs the economic machinery, ability to maintain the US Dollar store of value and preserves currency purchasing power. Our solution to counter balance moneyness’ lack of store of value by using Sound Money Unit Lend-Leasing portfolio as a hedge against inflation and interest costs. The B2B Units financial portfolio are decentralized and outside the US banking system. The Units credit, currency and commodity money assets has their own store of value and purchasing power. The UNIT Account System will help Units to:

  • Obtain a Gold Lend-Lease Portfolio Agreement.
  • Earn Gold return from Lend-Lease transactions.
  • Sponsor Sound Money Gold Back States Series.